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We believe that,

  • Audio systems that are loud enough are too heavy.
  • Portable systems are not loud enough.
  • Simple systems are functionally limited.
  • Complex systems are too unintuitive.
  • and that’s why we developed a solution!

    Endless Expansion

    With further modules the speaker will be able to amplify anything from your TV in your livingroom to your guitar on the street!
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    <strong>Endless Expansion</strong>
    <strong>Seamless Connection</strong>

    Seamless Connection

    Kubell Audio uses Li-Sound modules to transfer data wirelessly without any loss in audio quality or speed.

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    The Team

    Who are we?

    Still in production!

    You still have a chance to get your hands on one of our speakers. Follow the link to pre-order one now.

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    <strong>Still in production!</strong>

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