Sparking a revolution

We present the world's first modular, live audio system. No complex cabling, extra pre-amps, or time consuming setup - simply snap together modules and speakers to get playing!

Rethinking the PA System

Instantly connect instruments and microphones through the modular interface.

Endless possibilities

Combine up to 50 modules and speakers to create any setup. The system detects all connected devices and automatically adjusts the EQ to fit any configuration.

Wireless XLR

Wireless Jack

All modules are compact, plug and play add-ons. At launch, two modules are available - and a lot more are to come!

Intelligent sound

With our proprietary communication technology, the system transmits 24 bit audio with an unrivalled latency, dynamically changing acoustic parameters - so you don't have to.

Simply powerful.

The speaker is tuned in collaboration with industry experts and artists, resulting in a 124 dB max, studio quality level sound and 30 hours of playtime.

Stay tuned!

We'll be launching on Kickstarter very soon. Sign up for huge discounts, when the campaign goes live!

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.