// The Musician

Kenneth is an audiophile and enthusiastic music producer of equal parts audio engineering nerdery and expressional artistry. Having worked with tons of audio equipment himself, he has a uniquie insight into the possibilities and shortcomings of current solutions.


// The Audio Entrepreneur

Dennis has an insatiable passion for design, 6 years of experience in the audio retail industry and 3 spin out companies. With a bachelor's in Design & innovation, he is responsible for directing the product development and ensuring the manufacturing is on point!


// The Electrical Mastermind

Bálint has collected a jam-packed toolbox of skills within analogue and digital electrical circuit design with a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a passion for audio gear. Oh, and in his spare time he is working on a 9 feet, bi-liquid rocket!

The Kubell Story

We, at Kubell Audio, are a bunch of nerds. There’s no other way to put it. For the last two years, we’ve been spending every waking moment sketching, building, testing, and tuning the Kubell Audio system in an effort to make it easy for everyone to play live audio - and we love it!

The story begins at the Technical University of Denmark, where the technology and product was originally envisioned, developed and prototyped. All this, thanks to the help and mentorship of some of Denmarks leading figures within the audio industry.

To build the system we envisioned, we had to find a way of streaming high quality audio wirelessly, without any delays. It was clear that no technology on the market was capable of this - so we developed our own communication technology from scratch, capable of transmitting latency free, studio quality audio - all through a true plug & play connection.

With the technology in place, the early prototypes were tested furiously by musicians - and it became clear that we had something special. Not only did it sound fantastic - it also provided the true plug & play experience that the community was craving for - all presented in a beautiful durable package that could be brought anywhere.

And now is the point where you come in - we need your support to launch this product, and ignite a revolution in the live audio industry!